CAN Bus Products

Controller Area Network (CAN) is a network of controllers, sensors and systems that use a serial communication protocol to exchange information during the performance of their functions. CAN was developed by Robert Bosch and Intel and the version of the current standard has been in use since 1990. It is used in automotive and transportation vehicles, and has been finding its way into off-road applications for many years.

Marlin Technologies’ available CAN Bus products

The CAN bus communication protocols include SAE J1939 and CANopen, but equipment manufacturers often use proprietary CAN communication protocols as well.

CAN is a 2-wire network operating at speeds up to 1Mbps with a high level of security and reliability. The CAN bus allows the distribution of controllers around the vehicle, and only a single pair of wires is needed for the controllers to communicate with one another.

Thus, a major benefit to using CAN bus is the reduction of wire harness connections that are otherwise found in conventional multi-wire systems.

Another major benefit of CAN is the increased functionality and diagnostics it provides. The networked CAN bus modules can exchange information and perform more functions, and they can share diagnostic information with the user interface controllers to alert the user to specific operating conditions.

Marlin Technologies has been developing CAN bus products since 2001 and we have been assisting customers with implementing CAN bus on their equipment ever since.

We have extensive experience designing and building custom CAN controllers for our customers’ unique applications, and integrating them into the equipment to ensure proper operation with other systems on the CAN bus such as the engine, transmission, hydraulics, sensors, motors and other types of control devices.

For all of your CAN bus product needs, Marlin will have a solution for you.

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