Custom Can Keypads

Marlin Technologies' custom CAN keypads and related control devices are compatible with 12V to 48V systems and are available fully-sealed and IP67-rated. As are all our products, they are manufactured to excel on severe-duty, harsh environment equipment.


can keypad, custom keypads


CAN Bus keypads are designed to replace conventional switches and pushbuttons. Marlin Technologies' custom CAN keypads can be designed to accommodate various power supplies, protocols and mounting styles. 

Our keypads are available with either silicon rubber or polyester membrane material and can be designed with as many buttons as your application requires.

We will custom-design to meet your needs for functionality, aesthetics and dimensions.


  • Shape, Size and Layout of the Keypad
  • Quantity of Pushbutton Switches (CAN Switches)
  • Switch Operation: Momentary, Latched, Radio Button
  • LED Indicators for Switch/Function Status
  • Custom Graphics, Icons, Logos & Colors
  • LED Backlighting
  • Choice of Connector Brands
  • J1939, CANopen or Proprietary
  • Hard-wired Inputs/Outputs
  • Integrated Functional Logic Operation per Customer Requirements
  • Operating Voltage Ranges including for typical 12VDC, 24VDC and 48VDC Nominal Systems

Advantages Over Discrete Switches

  • Space Saving
  • Lower System Cost
  • Longer Life Cycle
  • Easier Installation
  • Moisture, Temperature, Vibration & Chemical Resistant
  • Reduces Wire Harness Complexity and Cost
  • Increases Diagnostic Capability

can keypad, custom keypads

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